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About the Cause

Did you know that over 1.4 million children in Uganda live with some form of disability and are often discriminated and marginalized? Children are the future and it is important to address their needs and secure a brighter future for all.

In our pursuit to give back to society, we have partnered with various organizations to help improve the lives of differently-abled children by providing access to their treatment free of cost.

To see this through, we need your help. By simply buying a Lato Help Pack, 100% of the gross proceeds net of taxes from the sale of these packs will go into the treatment of differently abled children.

100% gross proceeds net of taxes from the sale of Lato Help pack will go towards the treatment of the disabled children.
Buy the Pack - Make a Difference

Grab a Lato Help Pack of UHT milk at an affordable price. Every pack sold is one step closer to a brighter future for Uganda’s children

Every Life Matters

Let us be a reason to make them feel cared for. Let us give them a better life because child deserves a good future

Towards a healthier Tomorrow

We plan to continuously work for the betterment of the society in all ways that we can, now and in times to come. We consider this initiative, a stepping stone towards this direction.

How It Works

The first phase will run for six months during which Lato Help packs will be placed and made available at all participating retail outlets.

We target to collect over 1 Billion Ugandan Shillings in 6 months and contribute towards the treatments required

Every child is chosen based on the severity of their condition and their economic background to ensure that the neediest child receives your gift first. To establish this, the parents/guardians will be required to fill in a form detailing their financial background, employment history, education qualification and access to medical facilities. UMC Victoria Hospital Uganda, our healthcare partner, and a key stakeholder in this project will be in charge of setting up camps where the above information will be collected. A committee of Doctors will select the children for the procedure and send its recommendation list to the governing committee for approval.

UMC Hospital has graciously agreed to carry out the treatments at a minimal cost charging only for the use of the theatre, drugs, and consumables including rehabilitation aids and anything that is outsourced without any margin added. The rest i.e. doctors’ consultation, procedure costs, nursing and bed fee will all be complimentary.
Your contribution will go a long way in helping children realize their dreams.

The Selection Process

  • 1. Medical Camp

    Medical camps will be set up across Uganda where parents/guardians can bring their children (below the age of 18 years) for a free consultation and registration for the project.

  • 2. Doctors Committee

    Based on the information provided, the committee selects the children who are the most in need of treatment and sends the list to the governing committee for approval.

  • 3. The Governing Committee

    The list is discussed and approved based on an unbiased unanimous selection process by the Governing Committee.

  • 5. The Treatment

    All selected children are referred to the UMC Victoria Hospital where they undergo any necessary procurement and treatment.

  • 6. Clinical follow up

    All children will receive post-operative follow-ups and rehabilitation procedures to monitor the progress of the children both at home and the hospital


There is nothing more powerful than seeing children smile at the realization of their dreams through our initiative:


Number of children treated to date

March 2019

Patient 20

Swollen bilateral knee joints

Treatment Started: March – 2019

Patient 21

Extra digits in the Right Foot

Treatment Started: March – 2019

Patient 22

Weakness and inability to move

Treatment Started: March – 2019

Patient 23

Deformity in both feet

Treatment Started: March – 2019

Patient 24

Inability to use both the upper and the lower limbs

Treatment Started: March – 2019

Patient 25

Inability to use the Limb

Treatment Started: March – 2019

Patient 26

Inability to use the lower limbs

Treatment Started: March- 2019

Patient 27

Numbness and tingling sensation in the right lower limb

Treatment Started: March – 2019

Patient 28

Inability to use both limbs since birth

Treatment Started: March – 2019

February 2019

Patient 12

Mild fixed flexion deformity
Bilateral knee release

Treatment Started: February – 2019

Patient 13


Treatment Started: February – 2019

Patient 14

Treatment Started: February – 2019

Patient 15

Bilateral TA Lengthening

Treatment Started: February – 2019

Patient 16

Callipers plus Rehab

Treatment Started: February – 2019

Patient 17

Tendon plus Casting – Rehab plus Callipers

Treatment Started: February – 2019

Patient 18

Complete procedure. External Distructors

Treatment Started: February – 2019

Patient 19

tendon plus casting – rehab plus callipers

Treatment Started: February – 2019

November 2018

Patient 5

Bilateral Cerebral Palsy as the primary cause of disability in both legs

Treatment Started: November – 2018

Patient 6

Congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV) as the cause of complex musculoskeletal abnormality

Treatment Started: November – 2018

Patient 7

Diplegia (bilateral cerebral palsy) as the primary cause of both legs being affected

Treatment Started: November – 2018

Patient 8

Bilateral fixed flexion deformity as the cause of inability to fully straighten the knee

Treatment Started: November – 2018

Patient 9

Diplegia (a form of bilateral cerebral palsy) causing both legs to be affected

Treatment Started: November – 2018

Patient 10

Tight Achilles Tendons, which are the tendons attaching your calf muscles to your heels, may also result in plantar fascia pain

Treatment Started: November – 2018

Patient 11

Quadriplegia (a form of bilateral cerebral palsy), causing both arms and legs are affected.

Treatment Started: November – 2018

October 2018

Patient 1

Cerebral Palsy as the primary cause of disability in both legs

Treatment Started: October – 2018

Patient 2

Cerebral Palsy as the primary cause of disability in both legs
Treatment Started: October – 2018

Patient 3

Cerebral Palsy as the primary cause of disability in left leg
Treatment Started: October – 2018

Patient 4

Quadriplegia, a form of bilateral cerebral palsy as the primary cause of both arms and legs being affected.

Treatment Started: October – 2018

About the Product

About Lato Help Pack

Lato UHT milk in 500ml Fino pack fulfills basic consumer requirements of safety and hygiene at an affordable cost. Meeting the consumer need for long-life milk, the multi-layered pack can be stored in ambient conditions.

The Lato Help pack has a shelf life of 180 days.

Intended Uses
  • For consumption as liquid milk, preparation of tea, coffee and milk based beverages.
  • Not intended for infant feeding.

Lato Help pack comes in 500 ml fino pack made of a seven layer film with polyethylene, aluminum foil and paper board.

Shelf life (500ml)
  • 180 Days when sealed and stored at ambient room temperatures away from sunlight in a cool and dry place.


  • 4 days once opened, to be refrigerated between 4° C – 6° C.


Composition Per Gram(g)
Energy (kJ / Kcal) 260.1 kJ / 62.2 kCal
Fat (%) 3.7 Min
Titratable acidity (as lactic acid) 0.13 to 0.15
Solid Non Fat (SNF)% 8.50 Min
Density (g/ml) 1.028 to 1.036


The Smile on a Child’s face makes it all worth it.

We are obliged and thankful to all our participating partners for contributing towards to this cause in their own unique way.

UMC Victoria Hospital

UMC Victoria Hospital is the proud Healthcare partner handling and conducting all corrective surgeries and treatments to the Children.

Uganda Broadcasting Corporation

As the Broadcasting partner, UBC intends to reach out to people across Uganda to come together for this noble cause.

Madhvani Foundation

Madhvani Foundations is one of our packaging partners providing East African Packaging cartons for the Lato Help packs.

NC Bank

One of Uganda’s leading banks with a goal to build prosperity has joined us to contribute financially towards the success of this noble cause and build a better Uganda.


NBS TV is partnering with us to reach out to their audience as the projects calls to action one and all to contribute to the cause.


TetraPak is a world leader in packaging solutions and as the Packaging partner all Lato Help packs are safe to consume and come with an extended shelf life of 180 days that too without refrigeration.

Alliance Media

With its wide coverage across the African continent, Alliance Media are our Advertising partner reaching out to Ugandans through outdoor media solutions.

Graphic System

By joining us as the Print partner, Graphic Systems aims to reach out and increase the visibility to consumers everywhere through their posters and other printed media solutions.

Capital FM

Capital FM joins us as the Radio partner with their tremendous reach to a widespread audience. The radio campaign will play a pivotal role in enlightening the public about the project.

Governance Committe

The governance committee comprises of people with a wide spectrum of experience and expertise. The committee will be overseeing the process for selecting the children as well as ensuring the funds collected are used only for the cause.


Dr. Jolly Zaribwende

Executive Director, DDA Uganda.

Mrs. Drashna Kotecha

Director, Rainbow International School, Uganda

Dr. Charles Ogutu is a certified accountant and is Managing Partner at PKF - Uganda

Dr. Charles Ogutu

Managing Partner - PKF Uganda

Dr. Sarah Zalwango

KCCA Public Health

A Medical Doctor with a Masters of Public Health (MPH) and 17 years of experience in clinical health delivery and public health programming, monitoring, and evaluation.

Dr. Joseph Okware

Commissioner, Health Services - Ministry of Health, Uganda

Emily is a qualified advocate and holds an MBA from the University of Leicester and has 20 years of wide-ranging experience in the financial services sector.

Ms. Emily Gakiza

Partner, Capital Law Firm

Retail Partners

Grab a packet and help us lay a better foundation for the future. Remember the price of a Lato Help Pack remains the same across all stores and none of our retailers will be making any profit margin on this pack in the spirit of ensuring all your money goes to the cause.

To buy a Lato Help pack visit any of our partner stores around you:

Get Involved

If you are an individual or a Corporate in Uganda or outside and wish to contribute, kindly reach out to us at [email protected]

Yes, I would also like to hear about how I can contribute towards the Lato Help Campaign